Include Static Template

First you have to include the static template “Extension Page Title” in your template record. This registers the page title provider. As default, this page title provider is called before the record page title provider. You can change this via TypoScript, just look into the Configuration/TypoeScript/setup.typoscript file.

Set The Page Title In Your Extension

In your extension, e.g. in the show action of an Extbase controller, just insert these two lines of code:

$titleProvider = GeneralUtility::makeInstance(\Brotkrueml\Extpagetitle\PageTitle\ExtensionPageTitleProvider::class);

Since TYPO3 v10 you can also use dependency injection to inject the class into your controller:

use Brotkrueml\Extpagetitle\PageTitle\ExtensionPageTitleProvider;

class FooController extends ActionController
    * @var ExtensionPageTitleProvider
   private $pageTitleProvider;

   public function __construct(ExtensionPageTitleProvider $pageTitleProvider) {
      $this->pageTitleProvider = $pageTitleProvider;

   public function showAction(Foo $foo): void