The distribution can be installed from within the distribution list, by uploading the extension and through composer. Refer to TYPO3 documentation for further details on installing extensions.

Required extensions

The following extensions will be installed with the distribution:

Extension Version
pizpalue 11.2.0-11.99.99
container_elements 1.0.0-1.99.99
news 8.5.0-8.99.99
eventnews 4.0.0-4.99.99
tt_address 5.2.0-8.99.99
ws_flexslider 1.5.14-1.99.99
timelog 1.6.0-1.99.99

Supported extensions

The distribution supports the same extensions as the extension pizpalue. Head over to its administration chapter to see the details.


In case one of the supported extensions is being used it should be installed prior installing this distribution. This ensures that already predefined records for supported extensions are being imported during installing the distribution.

Extension manager

Follow these steps to install the distribution through the extension manager:

  1. Go to the extension manager
  2. Install supported extensions as needed
  3. Select Get preconfigured distribution
  4. Search for Pizpalue Distribution and install it



A composer package to be used with the command create-project is available. See buepro/typo3-pizpalue-distribution-base.

In the following code snippets TYPO3 with the extension pizpalue_distribution will be installed in the directory pizpalue.


In case you encounter a problem with the typo3 console test if remote db connection is required and the host configuration is correct ('host' => '').

  1. Install TYPO3 (optional)

    composer create-project typo3/cms-base-distribution pizpalue
    cd pizpalue

    After the packages have been added the installation setup has to be carried out. This can be done by walking through the installation wizard or by command (replace credentials in []-brackets):

    vendor/bin/typo3cms install:setup \
    --no-interaction \
    --use-existing-database \
    --database-name='[database_name]' \
    --database-user-name='[database_user_name]' \
    --database-user-password='[database_password]' \
    --admin-user-name='[admin_user_name]' \
    --admin-password='[admin_password]' \
    --site-name='[site_name]' \
  2. Adding extension pizpalue_distribution

    1. Add autoload section to composer.json

      This is needed since the extension user_pizpalue is added manually to the site.

      "autoload": {
         "psr-4": {
            "Buepro\\UserPizpalue\\": "public/typo3conf/ext/user_pizpalue/Classes"
    2. Get package buepro/typo3-pizpalue-distribution

      composer req buepro/typo3-pizpalue-distribution
  3. Setup extensions

    vendor/bin/typo3cms extension:deactivate pizpalue_distribution
    vendor/bin/typo3cms extension:deactivate pizpalue
    vendor/bin/typo3cms extension:setupactive
    vendor/bin/typo3cms extension:activate pizpalue
    vendor/bin/typo3cms extension:activate pizpalue_distribution
    vendor/bin/typo3cms cache:flush


The suggested way to customize the distribution for customer projects is to create an extension (e.g. user_pizpalue) and define the customer theme and functions in it (see TYPO3 documentation).

An example extension for that purpose is delivered and activated with the distribution. You might use it as your starting point.

Customize the distribution for customer projects

Customize the distribution for customer projects

The extension might be deactivated by removing its static template or by uninstalling it. To prevent the extension user_pizpalue from being installed the checkbox Install customer extension in the Extension Configuration from the settings module might be deactivated.