This new release supports TYPO3 v11.4. For more information see System requirements. Lots of changes and improvements have been made, enjoy the renewed backend_roles extension.

Breaking changes

Change vendor name

The vendor name of the composer package changed from aaw-team/backend_roles to christianfutterlieb/backend_roles. See commit 7085ec011039560fb94642afb5b4767d2d8a41a8.

Add runTests.sh

Testing (and other processes) are handeled by a bash script runTests.sh, as it is done in TYPO3 core. The following composer scripts have been removed:

  • php-cs-fixer

  • run-tests

See commit cb2426677fe870595a05e57988b777b0d5ccec82.


Support for YAML-based configuration

Role definitions can now be stored in YAML files as well. See Role definition for more information.

In the backend module, the export of be_groups supports YAML too.

Support for global configuration

Role definitions can now be stored in the global config directory. See Role definition for more information.

Download role definitions export as file

Role definitions exports can now be downloaded as YAML or PHP file.


Role definitions file name

The use of the role definition file Configuration/RoleDefinitions.php is deprecated an will be removed in v3. Use Configuration/BackendRoleDefinitions.php instead, or the newly introduced possibility of global role definitions in config/BackendRoleDefinitions.yaml or config/BackendRoleDefinitions.php.

All Changes

This is a list of all changes in this release:

8095056 [TASK] Improve documentation
5aed246 [TASK] Sort backend roles selector by label
dd7a9eb [BUGFIX] No need to deprecate Configuration/RoleDefinitions.yaml
0924768 [FEATURE] Add changelog to documentation
36c1f69 [!!!][TASK] Unify role definitions file name
8033acc [TASK] Change version in the documentation
af1d3c3 [TASK] Add more documentation
16969c1 [FEATURE] Add documentation
0aac702 [FEATURE] Add possibility to download role definitions as file
7f9bfd5 [FEATURE] Add YAML configuration export to the BackendModule
7c59f5d [FEATURE] Add support for global configuration storage
2bbce66 [FEATURE] Add support for YAML configuration
e6a4f45 !!![FEATURE] Improve definition loading and handling
b0aa799 [TASK] Move roleIdentifier selector generation to an itemsProcFunc
4cd4154 [TASK] Remove deprecated constants
d90cafb [TASK] Add package branch alias "dev-2"
8906a74 [TASK] Apply cgl
cb24266 [!!!][FEATURE] Add runTests.sh - a docker-based test runner
0dbf3d6 [TASK] Re-define dev-dependencies
e48bf80 [TASK] Update dependencies
7085ec0 [!!!][TASK] Change package name
e4d1288 [BUGFIX] Fix PHP 8 problems
3fe98a8 [TASK] Remove homegrown errorcode
7714788 [TASK] Reset version to 2.0.0-dev
f8238a0 [RELEASE] Release version 2.0.0-beta1
fe98c3c [TASK] Return ResponseInterface in controller action when possible
f3592e2 [TASK] Remove usage of generic extbase domain classes
607aa1c [TASK] Adapt .gitignore
4ddb751 [TASK] Update dependency requirements
b5c9446 [TASK] Allow composer plugins
750dad6 [TASK] Remove outdated code
80a0ed8 [TASK] Update composer.json
d41dc96 [TASK] Move build directory
dc0adaf [TASK] Raise version to 2.0.0-dev
0d72159 [TASK] Add README.md
879cfe4 [TASK] Raise version to 1.1.4-dev

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