You can use the plugin in 3 ways:

1. Include Plugin

Just insert the plugin on a page with an “insert plugin” record.

2. Include TypoScript

Include the plugin into your TypoScript template to make it visible on the whole site. Example:

page.50 < plugin.tx_ccfeinfo_pi1

In a fluid template this would look like this:

<f:cObject typoscriptObjectPath="plugin.tx_ccfeinfo_pi1"/>

3. use the PHP class in your own plugin

If you want to include cc_feinfo into your own plugin for testing purposes you can do that like this:

$info = new \Colorcube\CcFeinfo\FeInfo();
$content .= $info->pi_getInfoOutput();

If you want to get a toggle-able output frame use this as the last line:

$content .= $info->pi_getToggledInfoOutput();


If you think this all looks ugly , keep in mind that this is code from 2004.