Users Manual

The module works the same as the Filelist module but in a page context. You select a page and see a list of files used on that page.

This functionality allows you to see and manage files on a page, but it also allows to select files used on a page to copy or move them with the clipboard.

Move files from user_upload to other directory

Let’s say you added one or more content elements with images on a page.

The images are added using the upload function inside the content element. As a result the files will be stored in fileadmin/user_upload/. This is a nice and easy way to add files but they are hard to find files in user_upload/.

Now you have the idea to have a nice image gallery using those images. You have an image gallery plugin installed which uses file collections.

You could add a file collection and add those files by searching them in user_upload/ which usually means you have to take notes about the file names.

The other way is to go to the Files on page module and put those files on the clipboard.


put files used on the page Images Example onto the clipboard

Now you switch to the Filelist module and select the desired folder or create a new folder for the files of your image gallery.


files on the clipboard can be pasted to move them to the new folder

When you paste the files using the Move elements clipboard mode, the files will be moved from user_upload/ to the new folder.

Now you can select the folder in the file collection to create a gallery. This is a quick and easy way to organize your files which are located in user_upload/.


Question:When the files are moved will the files be removed from the content element they are used on?
Answer:No. The images are still used by the content elements, only the folder where the files are stored has changed.
Question:Is this only useful for image galleries?
Answer:Of course not. This method can be used to reorganise your files which makes them easier to reuse.