Settings for banners


The title of the banner.


Image or HTML.


The language for the banner. This setting depends on the amount of languages configured in your TYPO3 installation.


A description for the banner


The asset (usually an image) which is displayed by the plugin. Please note, that the extension is not able to resize the banner, so you must upload it with the final dimensions.


The HTML Code for the banner. Only available, when the banner type is set to “HTML”.

Alternative text

The alternative text of the image. Only available, when the banner type is set to “Image”.


One or multiple categories, which the banner belongs to.

Exclude pages

One or multiple pages, where the banner should not be shown.

Expand exclude pages recursive

Select if exclude pages should be expanded recursive


If set to true, the banner is not displayed on the website.

Start / stop

A date- and time-field , which controls when the banner is automatically shown or hidden on the website.

Max impressions

The maximum amount of impressions for the banner

Max clicks

The maximum amount of clicks for the banner