Search with result map and list

Purpose of this extension is, to have a search for locations based on an entered or configured address. The result displays a google map with marker for each location and a list of all locations. On click on a marker an info window with additional informations get shown.

Search form:

Search form

Result map and list:

Result map and list

Single points of interest

Its also possible to pre define a single location to display it on the map without search form. This is useful to have map with single point of interesst. For developer its also possible to use the plugin in their extension as map renderer for the location.

How geolocations are computed

Every location gets geocoded with help of google maps api after saving the record in backend. By this its important to know, that the google maps website needs to be reached from the webserver.

The coordinates are stored in the record each time when the record gets saved. If at one point the address gets changed the coordinate gets fetched from the api again.

Search queries get geocoded the same way by the google maps api. To reduce the api requests the coordinates get stored in the session. So if a query gets send another time the api do not get requested again.