Breaking: #36 - Add price categories

See Issue #36


Templates were adapted to realize the selection of price categories in the output. In TYPO3 instances where the files below have been modified, adding events to the shopping cart might not work correctly.

Affected Installations

Instances which use custom partial or templates for:

EXT:cart/Resource/Private/Partials/Event/CartForm.html EXT:cart/Resource/Private/Partials/Event/Price.html EXT:cart/Resource/Private/Partials/Event/Seats.html EXT:cart/Resource/Private/Templates/Event/Show.html

or own JavaScript and Stylesheets:

EXT:cart/Resource/Public/JavaScripts/cart_events.js EXT:cart/Resource/Public/Sheetsheets/cart_events.css


If any of the above files have been overwritten, the changes should be applied accordingly.