Version 4.0.1: Now for TYPO3 10 and 11. Breaking: action realurl removed.

Version 3.0.0: List views: search in the rootline and selectbox in the extension-list added. Extension-key added to composer.json. Breaking: action unzip removed.

Version 2.1.0: Redirects check tool added. misc field added in the list of used extensions. Bugfix: Redirects import.

Version 2.0.6: Order by added to the extension list view. Bugfix: use translated values when L>0. Bugfix: edit page links when L>0. Bugfix: domain + language configuration. Bugfix: icons for TYPO3 10.

Version 2.0.0: Refactoring: large modification of the queries. FE-links: domain + language entry point added, L removed. Link added to all page-titles + the csv-view.