Configuration Reference

Here you find all configuration possibilities.

TypoScript Reference

Configuration via TypoScript (and FlexForms).

Properties for settings

Property Data type Description Default
table string Today only tt_address suported tt_address
optionalFields string Optional fields: see below gender,firstname,lastname
optionalFieldsRequired string Optional required* fields: see below  
doubleOptOut boolean Enable double out out unsubscription? 0
enableUnsubscribeForm boolean Enable unsubscribe form at the subscribe page?** 0
enableUnsubscribeGdprAsHidden boolean Do not show the gdpr-checkbox at unsubscribe form? 0
subscribeUid integer Page for the subscription 1
subscribeMessageUid integer Optional page for the redirect after subscription  
subscribeVerifyUid integer Page for the subscription-verification  
subscribeVerifyMessageUid integer Optional page for the redirect after subscription-verification  
unsubscribeUid integer Page for the unsubscription 1
unsubscribeMessageUid integer Optional page for the redirect after unsubscription  
unsubscribeVerifyUid integer Page for the unsubscription-verification  
unsubscribeVerifyMessageUid integer Optional page for the redirect after unsubscription-verification***  
gdprUid integer Page with the GDPR text 1
daysExpire intger The link expires after X days 2
deleteMode integer 1: set deletion flag; 2: delete entry 1
module_sys_dmail_html integer 0: only TEXT; 1: TEXT and HTML; -1: ignore this field in tt_address 1
module_sys_dmail_category string Comma separated list of categories (uid) from sys_dmail_category  
reCAPTCHA_site_key string Website-key for Google reCaptcha v3  
reCAPTCHA_secret_key string Secret key for Google reCaptcha v3  
mathCAPTCHA integer Show a mathematical captcha? 0: no; 1: with 1 digit; 2: with 2 digits 0
company string Name of your company Ihre Firma
gender.please string Text for gender selection Bitte auswählen string Text for the gender mr Herr
gender.mrs string Text for the gender mrs Frau string Parameter for newsletter subscription in external extension (POST) string Parameter for the email from external source (GET/POST-parameter)  
email.senderMail string Your email-address
email.senderName string Your name Absender-Name
email.subscribeVerifySubject string Subject of the verify email (subscription) Bitte verifizieren …
email.unsubscribeVerifySubject string Subject of the verify email (unsubscription) Bitte verifizieren …
email.adminMail string Admin email-address - if not empty: an email goes to an admin too  
email.adminName string Admin name Admin
email.adminSubscribeSubject string Subject of the admin email (subscription) Neue Newsletter-Anmeldung
email.adminUnsubscribeSubject string Subject of the admin email (unsubscription) Neue Newsletter-Abmeldung
email.adminMailBeforeVerification boolean 0: send email to admin after verification; 1: before verification 0
overrideFlexformSettingsIfEmpty string Empty FlexForms should be overwritten by TypoScript all uids…

Note*: only a check via browser is made for the optional required fields.

Note**: you need an own page for the unsubscription! unsubscribeUid should be defined therefore.

Note***: this page is used too, if doubleOptOut=0. unsubscribeMessageUid is not used if doubleOptOut=0.

Property details

You can overrite the text for other languges like this:

[globalVar = GP:L = 1] = Your company

You can set a default email-address which was submitted before. E.g. you have a form in the footer and the field-name is nlemail, then set the parameter like this: = nlemail

That parameter will be read and the value of that parameter will be used as default email-address.

You can do the subscription via an form in an other extension too. E.g. you have an shop and at the end of the order the user wants to subscribe to the newsletter? Then put this extension under the shop extension an select the action “subscribe via external extension”. Furthermore you must specify the POST-parameter, which are used in the other extension like this: = tx_myshop_pi1|newOrder|newsletter = tx_myshop_pi1|newOrder|email

Only parameters of this format are possible. If they are there, a forward will be made to the action create.

You can use 2 different captchas. If you want to use the Google reCaptcha v3 you need to provide the website key and the secret key. If you want to use a mathematical captcha, you can use 1 or 2 digits. The maximum value for 2 digits is 19.

Optional and requiered fields

Only email and gdpr are mandatory fields in the model. If you need more mandatory fields, you can make them only via TypoScript and the templates required. There are the following optional fields awailable: gender, title, firstname, lastname, address, zip, city, region, country, phone, mobile, fax, www, position, company. You can make all this fields required. Here an example to enable some of this fields in the subscription form via TypoScript setup:

plugin.tx_fpnewsletter_pi1.settings.optionalFields = gender,title,firstname,lastname,www,position,company
plugin.tx_fpnewsletter_pi1.settings.optionalFieldsRequired = firstname,lastname,company

Using of categories

The table module_sys_dmail_category contains categories for direct_mail. This extension uses that categories instaed of the categories from sys_category. If you use them like this:

plugin.tx_fpnewsletter_pi1.settings.module_sys_dmail_category = 1,3

Then this extension will do the same like the direct_mail_subscription extension. It will make two entires into sys_dmail_ttaddress_category_mm and it will set module_sys_dmail_category in tt_address (after the verification). Do you expect something else?

The categories are as hidden-field in the template. You could add checkboxes and copy the checked values by jQuery to the hidden-field if you need a more flexible solution.

Changing the labels

Like in every extension, you can change the labels via TypoScript. Here 2 examples: = Email = Ich bin damit einverstanden, dass die von mir angegebenen Daten elektronisch erhoben und gespeichert werden.

You find the designations in the templates used in f:translate key.