Changes made in EXT:adodb missing in upstream

Now in use

The currently used ADOdb version is 5.19 [1].


Our changes

This is a list of changes we made in ADOdb that must re-applied if EXT:adodb is updated to upstream.

  • ADOdb: Invalid override method signature (48034) (Solved in 5.20-dev [2])
  • ADOdb: Set charset properly (61738)
  • EXT:adodb: Table names in ALTER TABLE broken (63659)
  • MSSQL native driver for ADOdb returns erroneous message (66674)
  • ADOdb: mssqlnative driver fails to create sequences (66678)
  • ADOdb: mssqlnative driver is not properly initialized (66830)
  • ADOdb: mssqlnative driver does not properly define the port (63070)
  • ADOdb: Allow setting NOT NULL/DEFAULT on blob and text columns (67442) (Upstream pull request: [3])
  • ADOdb: Table names in sequences broken (64990)
  • ADOdb: PHP7 redefinition of parameter (71244)
  • Security: XML entity expansion (61269)


You’ll find a diff file in EXT:adodb/Documentation/typo3-adodb.diff.