Publish to TER and Packagist

If your new extension does not reflect the business logic of a specific customer but serves a general purpose, you might want to release the new extension and let it become part of the TYPO3 ecosystem.

As much as we encourage you to contribute and live the open source ideas, we want to keep the quality of the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) high and therefore ask you to check these questions in advance:

  • Isn't there already an extension in the TER that provides the same functionality? If so, wouldn't it be an option to contribute to the existing extension?

  • Can you accurately describe the benefits of your extension for the TYPO3 community?

  • Does your extension include or require external libraries? If so, make sure their licensing is compliant.

  • Do you have the resources to maintain this extension?

If you have checked all the questions and are still convinced of the benefits of publishing your extension, you can secure your extension by reading and applying

and write appropriate documentation following

before publishing the extension on TER and Packagist, following the official publishing guide.