What does it do?

The headless extension provides an JSON API which can serve as endpoint for any kind of application. It's using the standard TYPO3 features to render the page-tree structure and page-content into a JSON format. The JSON response object and the content elements are customizable with TypoScript.


  • JSON API for content elements

  • JSON API for navigation page-tree structure

  • Taking into account all language and translation configuration (e.g. fallback)

  • Easily extensible with custom fields or custom CE's

  • Support for EXT:felogin and EXT:form

  • Support for EXT:news (see additional extension EXT:headless_news)

  • Support for (EXT:solr)

  • Support for EXT:powermail (EXT:powermail)

  • Support for EXT:gridelements (EXT:gridelements)