TYPO3 Extension “legacy_collections”

This extension provides TCA information and database tables for the generic “sys_collections” concept, which allows for statically select items into a collection.

In addition, two API classes for fetching items from a collection are available as well:

  • FriendsOfTYPO3\LegacyCollections\Collection\RecordCollectionRepository
  • FriendsOfTYPO3\LegacyCollections\Collection\StaticRecordCollection

Both classes previously resided in the PHP namespace TYPO3\CMS\Core\Collection.

The functionality was part of the TYPO3 Core until TYPO3 v11.0, and moved into its own extension, receiving its own public repository.


The latest version can be installed via TER (https://extensions.typo3.org) or via composer by adding composer require friendsoftypo3/legacy-collections in a TYPO3 v10.0+ installation.

Current state

The extension has been part of TYPO3 Core for a very long time but its API wasn’t flexible enough to build a generic collection model. It may become more healthy if maintained as third party extension and has been extracted for this reason.


Feel free to submit any pull request, or add documentation, tests, as you please. We will publish a new version every once in a while, depending on the amount of changes and pull requests submitted.


The extension is published under GPL v2+, all included third-party libraries are published under their respective licenses.


Many contributors have been working on this area while this functionality was part of the TYPO3 Core. This package is now maintained by a loose group of TYPO3 enthusiasts inside the TYPO3 Community. Feel free to contact Benni Mack (benni.mack@typo3.org) for any questions regarding “legacy_collections”.