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Generate PackageStates.php file

Generates and writes typo3conf/PackageStates.php file. Goal is to not have this file in version control, but generate it on composer install.

Marks the following extensions as active:

  • Third party extensions
  • All core extensions that are required (or part of minimal usable system)
  • All core extensions which are provided with the --framework-extensions argument.
  • In composer mode all composer dependencies to TYPO3 framework extensions are detected and activated by default.

To require TYPO3 core extensions use the following command:

composer require typo3/cms-foo "*"

This updates your composer.json and composer.lock without any other changes.


typo3cms install:generatepackagestates


TYPO3 system extensions that should be marked as active. Extension keys separated by comma.
  • Accept value: yes
  • Is value required: yes
  • Is multiple: no
  • Default: array ()
Extensions which should stay inactive. This does not affect provided framework extensions or framework extensions that are required or part as minimal usable system.
  • Accept value: yes
  • Is value required: yes
  • Is multiple: no
  • Default: array ()
(DEPRECATED) If true, typo3/cms extensions that are marked as TYPO3 factory default, will be activated, even if not in the list of configured active framework extensions.
  • Accept value: no
  • Is value required: no
  • Is multiple: no
  • Default: false