Import mysql queries from stdin

This means that this can not only be used to pass insert statements, it but works as well to pass SELECT statements to it. The mysql binary must be available in the path for this command to work. This obviously only works when MySQL is used as DBMS.

Example (import):

ssh remote.server '/path/to/typo3 database:export' | typo3 database:import

Example (select):

echo 'SELECT username from be_users WHERE admin=1;' | typo3 database:import

Example (interactive):

typo3 database:import --interactive


Open an interactive mysql shell using the TYPO3 connection settings.
  • Accept value: no
  • Is value required: no
  • Is multiple: no
  • Default: false
TYPO3 database connection name
  • Accept value: yes
  • Is value required: yes
  • Is multiple: no
  • Default: 'Default'