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Update database schema (TYPO3 Database Compare)

Compares the current database schema with schema definition from extensions’s ext_tables.sql files and updates the schema based on the definition.

Valid schema update types are:

  • field.add
  • field.change
  • field.prefix
  • field.drop
  • table.add
  • table.change
  • table.prefix
  • table.drop
  • safe (includes all necessary operations, to add or change fields or tables)
  • destructive (includes all operations which rename or drop fields or tables)

The list of schema update types supports wildcards to specify multiple types, e.g.:

  • *” (all updates)
  • field.*” (all field updates)
  • *.add,*.change” (all add/change updates)

To avoid shell matching all types with wildcards should be quoted.


typo3cms database:updateschema "*.add,*.change"


List of schema update types


If set the updates are only collected and shown, but not executed
  • Accept value: no
  • Is value required: no
  • Is multiple: no
  • Default: false