TYPO3 Extension charts

Extension to create datasets and show them as line, bar, pie or doughnut chart in frontend


  • Based on extbase & fluid, implementing best practices from TYPO3 CMS
  • Supporting editors & authors by providing
    • records to create data for charts incl. labels, data and dataset-labels
    • fluid based content elements to display charts (bar, line, pie or doughnut) in frontend
    • (optional) fill data records for charts with informations from spreadsheets when spreadsheet extension is present in TYPO3 installation
  • Supporting administrators & developers by providing
    • select option in extension manager to manage/set the preferred chart library
    • registry to add multiple chart libraries implementing at least the Hoogi91\Charts\DataProcessing\Charts\LibraryInterface
    • DataProcessors to get chart data, assets and their settings from Flexform configuration

Users Manual

Create Chart Data

Before creating a chart content element you need to create a dataset that can be used by chart libraries. Go to list view and create a new chart data record. On default labels, data and data labels are configured with TYPO3’s table wizard.

If you have spreadsheet extension installed in your TYPO3 installation then the following screen shows how to select data correctly.

Spreadsheet-based Dataset Content-Management

Spreadsheet-based Dataset Content-Management

Create Chart Content Element

Create a new element in TYPO3 backend and select tab “Charts” and then the chart type you want to create

Table (Excel Spreadsheets)

Chart Elements Overview

If using spreadsheet extension and the spreadsheet cells background is colored it will be (depending on used chart libray) used in frontend output as the following example shows:

Excel Input File Frontend Output with Chart.js
Spreadsheet Example with Colors Spreadsheet Frontend Output with Colors

see above chart data selection on how to select labes and data from such an excel file

Developer Informations

To register your own or an overridden chart library please put the following in your ext_localconf.php:

/** @var \Hoogi91\Charts\DataProcessing\Charts\LibraryRegistry $libraryRegistry */
$libraryRegistry = \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\GeneralUtility::makeInstance(\Hoogi91\Charts\DataProcessing\Charts\LibraryRegistry::class);

// add new chart library
$libraryRegistry->register('my-chart-library', \Vendor\MyExtKey\DataProcessing\Charts\Library\MyChartLibrary::class);

// add override for default chart.js library
$libraryRegistry->register('chart.js', \Vendor\MyExtKey\DataProcessing\Charts\Library\ChartJs::class, true);
$libraryRegistry->register('chartist', \Vendor\MyExtKey\DataProcessing\Charts\Library\Chartist::class, true);