Additional Features

Adminer also has a mechanism to load plugins. Several have been used/added/modified to provide a better experience. People who are familiar with Adminer itself might worry about some of the characteristics of Adminer.

Version not verified

Adminer originally checked if the version was still the latest. This required the script to "call home". In order to enhance privacy a plugin was added to disable this check completely. Since adminer was embedded in the extension there was no way to directly update Adminer itself without updating the extension.

Restore scroll position in tables list

If you select a table from the list on the left (the navigation pane) the scroll position is now saved and used for each new request. The plugin prevents that the selected table might be outside the visible area of the navigation pave.

Remember scroll position in list of tables

Readable dates

This plugin turns Unix timestamps into readable dates. If you click on such a date the timestamp will be shown. To find out which values are timestamps the plugin uses TCA data. Zero values are not turned into a date because these are special values for TYPO3 (meaning: no date entered).

Readable dates instead of timestamps