If your TYPO3 installation works in composer mode, please execute following command:

composer req jweiland/checkmysite
vendor/bin/typo3 extension:setup --extension=checkmysite

If you work with DDEV please execute this command:

ddev composer req jweiland/checkmysite
ddev exec vendor/bin/typo3 extension:setup --extension=checkmysite


On non composer based TYPO3 installations you can install checkmysite still over the ExtensionManager:

  1. Login

    Login to backend of your TYPO3 installation as an administrator or system maintainer.

  2. Open ExtensionManager

    Click on Extensions from the left menu to open the ExtensionManager.

  3. Update Extensions

    Choose Get Extensions from the upper selectbox and click on the Update now button at the upper right.

  4. Install checkmysite

    Use the search field to find checkmysite. Choose the checkmysite line from the search result and click on the cloud icon to install checkmysite.