Users Manual

Target group: Editors

  1. Select a page where you want to insert glossary2

  2. Insert a new content element of type: Insert Plugin

  3. On tab Plugin select Glossary from selectbox.

  4. Confirm reload to load special input fields for our extension (FlexForm).

  5. Save

Plugin Options

Show Glossary

You can decide to show A-Z links above or not.

Show All link

You can decide to prepend an All-link to A-Z links or not.

Show entries of category

Sometimes it makes sense to reduce list of glossary entries to a given category.

Glossary Record

  1. Select a Storage Page

  2. Create a new record of type Glossary

  3. Give it a title. We will of the first letter of title to sort it into our glossary navigation (if activated).

  4. Enter a description which will be shown on configured detail page

  5. By default you can insert up to 5 images to glossary record.

  6. At tab Categories you can relate glossary entry to a category. That way you can show only glossary records of a defined category in plugin, if you want.