In your own extension you can create a map with help of our widget ViewHelpers. Both Widgets EditPoi and PoiCollection comes with an override attribute. In our AbstractController we prefill the Fluid variable environment with the values of Extension configuration, Settings, current Page ID and current tt_content record.

Variable environment

Array keys:

  • settings
  • contentRecord
  • id
  • extConf

In Fluidtemplate we convert that array into JSON format, so that JavaScript can access that array as object. With help of jQuery extends we merge our environment vars with the overrides you can define recursive.

Override strokeColor to blue and set mapWidth and mapHeight:

<maps2:widget.poiCollection poiCollection="{myDomainObject.myPoiCollectionUid}" override="{settings: {mapWidth: '100%', mapHeight: '300'}, extConf: {strokeColor: 'blue'}}" />