Target group: Developers, Integrators

How to configure the extension. Try to make it easy to configure the extension. Give a minimal example or a typical example.

Minimal Example

  • It is necessary to include static template Masterplan (masterplan)

We prefer to set a Storage PID with help of TypoScript Constants:

plugin.tx_masterplan.persistence {
   # Define Storage PID where project records are located
   storagePid = 4

TypoScript Setup Reference


Example: plugin.tx_masterplan.settings.pidOfDetailPage = 4

If you want, you can change the links in project listing to link to another page UID. By default the detail view uses current page.


Example: plugin.tx_masterplan.settings.pidOfListPage = 2

If you have defined a detail page you may link back to the list page. By default the link back to list view used the current page.


Example: plugin.tx_masterplan.settings.pidOfLocationPage = 3

You can assign a PoiCollection of EXT:maps2 to a project. Choose a page UID where the maps2 plugin is located.


Default: 50c for width and height

Example: plugin.tx_masterplan.settings.list.image.width = 150c

Currently not implemented in Template, but if you want, you can use this setting to show one or more images with a defined width and height.


Default: 240c for width and 180c for height

Example: = 120c

If you want, you can use this setting to show one or more images with a defined width and height.


You can fine tuning the page browser

Example: plugin.tx_masterplan.settings.pageBrowser.itemsPerPage = 15 Example: plugin.tx_masterplan.settings.pageBrowser.insertAbove = 1 Example: plugin.tx_masterplan.settings.pageBrowser.insertBelow = 0 Example: plugin.tx_masterplan.settings.pageBrowser.maximumNumberOfLinks = 5


Reduce result of project records to this value for a page


Insert page browser above list of project records


Insert page browser below list of project records. I remember a bug in TYPO3 CMS. So I can not guarantee that this option will work.


If you have many project records it makes sense to reduce the amount of pages in page browser to a fixed maximum value. Instead of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 you will get 1, 2, 3…8, 9 if you have configured this option to 5.