1. Navigation to the sysfolder/page where the Call to Actions are going to live
  2. Create a new content element and select Call to Action
  3. Fill in the fields applicable then Save and close
  4. Navigate to the page you wish to show the CTA on
  5. Create a new content element, under “Plugins” select “Call to Actions”
  6. In the records field, select the CTA(s) you wish to display


  1. Create new CTA

    Once installed, it is best to create a sysfolder to house your Call to Actions, however this isn’t a requirement and they can live anywhere on the site.

    Navigate to List view and create a new content element

    Create new CTA
  2. Enter CTA details

    Fill in the fields required, some extra details

    • The label field is only used internally, for identifying in list views and when selecting
    • Theme and Type is used for CSS styling, however you could use fluid conditionals to change the display & layout - these can be customised
    • Buttons/links are only shown if link text & url are filled in
    • The image is rendered at the top of the CTA (but can be changed by customising the template)
    Enter CTA details
  3. Create the Content Element

    Navigate the the page you wish to show the CTA on and create a new content element. Under the “Plugins” tab you should be able to add a “Call to Actions” element

    Create the Content Elements
  4. Select the Records

    Using the Items (Records), select the records you want to show

    Select the Records