Possible errors

First of all you can check our example which we use for our test suit

  1. My action is not executed and no errors in the response.

    EXT:routes does not throw all the errors back.

    It’s a good idea to check the var/log/typo3_*.log if your route has been mentioned in there.

  2. LMS3\Facade\Extbase\Plugin::getNameBasedOn() must be of type string, null returned.

    Check if plugin connected correctly. See.

  3. Class ‘auth’ not found

    Ensure TypoScript has been connected. See.

  4. Response 404 - Page not found

    Ensure ApplyRoutesCollection has been included. See .

  5. ExtbaseRouteResolver middleware is never executed

    Ensure ApplyRoutesCollection has been included. See .

  6. Content-Type: text/html sent on subsequent requests

    We are not going to resolve this issue in a more convenient way, but no_cache=1 might help you. See .

  7. If you use extensions like staticfilecache , ensure site root page is not cached!