What does it do?

This extension provides a fully automated workflow and a graphical user interface for the well known Localization Manager (l10nmgr) <>.

While the L10nmgr still provides exports and imports of records and files, the Localizer will take care of all the necessary steps in between. Editors responsible for translations won't have to deal with any L10nmgr configurations anymore and as an administrator you create just one configuration per Localizer Project.

  • Create tasks, select and store items from several pages with the Localizer Selector until you finalize them into a cart for that particular task.

  • Configure pages for specific localizer projects and vice versa to create a fully automatic workflow without having to manually select items at all.

  • Now several Scheduler Tasks provide the automatic workflow from sending files, requesting translations status and resetting errors to downloading and importing translated files.

  • Get an overview of current translation tasks with the Localizer Cart, check their status and preview their translated XML files before you schedule them for the import.

While the basic Localizer extension provides you with a simple configurable hot folder to exchange files with translation service providers, each of the Localizer projects can be enhanced with several API plugins later on. That way you can have even different translation service providers for different tasks within your TYPO3 project, while still giving your editors a unified interface and workflow.


Localizer Selector

Localizer Selector

Localizer Scheduler Tasks

Scheduler Tasks

Localizer Cart

Localizer Cart