Users manual

  • Install the extension from the TYPO3 Extension Repository or composer (package name: mediaessenz/diskusage)
  • Click on the new backend module icon below the normal file list module
  • Choose a storage folder to see disk usage of all underlying files (incl. subfolders)
  • For files with references double click it to get detail infos
  • For files without references click on it and choose “More Info” or “Delete”
  • Restrict the result to only not referenced files by clicking on the corresponding button. This is useful to find no more needed big files quickly and easy
  • Beside the folder tree, it is also possible to get deeper into a directory by double clicking the corresponding group header
  • Be sure to update your reference index, before deleting any files!!!
  • Also keep in mind, that some files maybe linked directly and therefore have no references!

Support my work

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THANK YOU in advance!