The recommended way to install FAL Quota is by using Composer:

composer require mehrwert/fal-quota

You also can install FAL Quota as extension from TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER). Just download and install the extension within ADMIN TOOLS > Extensions.

Backend Module

The extension adds some fields to the sys_file_storage database table to store quota configuration per storage. After the extension has been successfully installed, access to a new backend module FAL Quota in the FILE section [1] may be enabled for Backend Users and Groups via TYPO3 module configuration:

Backend module

Default backend module

The module provides an overview for all storages currently sorted by UID and their configured quota settings [2].


The extension does not set any quota on installation. If you do not alter you storage configuration, nothing will change for your editors. You need to change the Configuration for quota limits to enable checks.