TypoScript Settings

This is a list of all TypoScript settings for this extension

Constants Description Default
cookieName The name for the cookie cookie_consent
expiryDays The number of days for the cookie to expire 365
containerId ID of the HTML container used for the consent modal cookie-consent
hideIfJavaScriptDisabled Keeps the modal hidden when javascript is disabled 1
pushConsentToTagManager Push an event to Google Tagmanager when the user submits the consent 0
Open the consent modal on the first user interaction (move,click,scroll, …).
This maybe helps to increase the pagespeed score.
lazyloadingTimeout Timeout until the lazyloaded consent modal opens automaticaly in seconds 120
hideCategoriesInOverview Hide the category titles in the consent modal 0
ajaxPageType The TYPO3 page type used for ajax requests 8641
addMarkupToFooter Add the HTML of the consent modal to the footer 1
addConfiguration Add the settings as JSON to the header 1
addJavaScript Add the default JavaScript 1
addStylesheet Add the default StyleSheet 1