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The Cookie Consent Configuration plugin is set automatically on every root page.

BE View of Cookie Consent Configuration

BE View of Cookie Consent Configuration

If you want the same configuration for every site you can choose “All Sites” in the configuration details. Otherwise you can configure the cookie consent for every root page separately.

Important information: Beware, that the cookie options configured in the Cookie Consent Configuration Plugin in the backend have no effect yet. Names and descriptions of the cookies will appear in the modal in the frontend, but to properly block and allow cookies, you need to use the event listener (s. section below).

As the developers of this extension, we have already implemented it for several of our customers. If you need any assistance with the configuration of the cookies on your website, feel free to contact us - we gladly provide assistance on an hourly basis.

Site configuration for statistics backend module

If you want to collect statistics about which cookies get accepted, you need to enable statistics in the configuration.

enable statistics in the Cookie Consent Configuration

enable statistics in the Cookie Consent Configuration

You also need to configure the route enhancer for cookie.json. Otherwise the ajax request sent by the cookie consent form will not work.

    type: PageType
    default: ''
    index: 'index'
      'cookie.json': 8641

How to use the viewhelper to block videos

To block youtube and vimeo videos, you just need to add the mindshapecookieconsent viewhelper to your typoscript.

lib.contentElement.partialRootPaths.100 < plugin.tx_mindshapecookieconsent.view.partialRootPaths.0

Once activated a button will appear instead of the video iframes. After consenting to the external media cookies the iframes will appear.

Beware that this viewhelper only works with fluid styled content. If you develop your own extension and don’t insert youtube videos via fluid styled content, you need to work with the event listener (see next section).

It is also important that the identifier chosen for the youtube and vimeo options are spelled “youtube” and “vimeo”. Do not change the spelling in the cookie consent configuration.