The page with your shop:

  • add the xBlog plugin


Insert a plugin

Tab [General]

  • Set header to: [xBlog for Quick Shop]
  • Set header format to: [Hidden]

Tab [Plugin]

  • Selected Plugin: [xBlog]

  • Table

    • Table: [Quick Shop: Item]
    • Order field: [Groos price (price)]
    • Order direction: [descending]
    • Items per list-page: 3
    • Record Storage Page: folder with your shop items
  • Profile

    • Property: [Item (shop)]
  • Shop

    • Page with the caddy: [The page with your caddy]
    • Page with the shipping conditions: [The page with your shipping conditions]
    • Page with the inquiry form: [The page with inquiry form]
  • List

    • Label of this list: Quick Shop
    • Short length: 140
    • Columns (list view only): [3]
  • Relations

    • Image: [Images (image)]
  • Image

    • List view: width in pixel: 400
    • List view: height in pixel: 400