EXT:quick_shop (Quick Shop)

Probably your slider with Quick Shop items (generated by the EXT:browser) isn’t running any longer.

In this case, you must replace this slider by the xBlog-Slider (EXT:xblog).


  • Install xBlog (EXT:xblog)

  • Include the static templates:

    • xBlog [0.1.0] Base
    • xBlog [1.0.0] Main
    • xBlog [7.0.0] +Slider

Create a folder for the xBlog Slider

  • Create a page

    • Call it xBlogSlider
    • Set the type to [folder]
  • Insert the plugin [xBlog +Slider]

    • Call it: xBlogSlider

    • Tab [Plugin]

      • Tab [Table]

        • Field: Table = [Quick Shop: Item]
        • Field: Order field = [price (Groos price)]
        • Field: Order direction = [descending]
        • Field: Items per xBlog page = [12]
        • Field: Record Storage Page = [Folder with your Quick Shop items]
      • Tab [Bridge]

        • Field: Images = [image (Images)]
    • [Save it!]

Replace the former slider

  • Select the page with the former slider in the page tree (often it is called “shop”)

  • Insert the plugin [Slick Slider with Content Elements]

    • Call it: Slider for Quick Shop Items

    • Tab [Slick Items]

      • Field: Records

        • Klick [Page Content]
        • Insert the xBlogSlider plugin from above
    • [Save it!]

  • Disable the former slider, which was generated by the EXT:browser

Enjoy the result in the frontend.