You MUST UPDATE some XML-code. See Gridelements below.

What’s new



Glyphicons are suppoprted. See:


Elements shake by a mouse over. See:


Gridelements got the new properties:

If you like to use the new features, you MUST UPDATE the XML-code for the gridelements flexforms. See details at

Because of new features wrapping of HTML-code is changed:

From version 5.3.0:

  • <div class=”row myClass”>…</div>

Until version 5.2.5

  • <div class=”myClass”><div class=”row”>…</div></div>

Maybe you MUST adapt your CSS code.


Module > Web: Start TYPO3

You can disable Start TYPO3 in Module > Web. See:

Rich Text Editor

New features

  • search and replace
  • Youtube plugin

See Rich Text Editor > Search, spell check, youtube


New sections

User Interface (TypoScript Constant Editor)

Graphical menu

[START - FOUNDATION - GMENU]: additional properties

Former Updates