What does it do?

TYPO3 has the wonderful feature to adapat the backend to your needs. But usually you have to know, how to configure the page TypoScript.

The Backend Simplifier enables you to configure the most popular properties by a mouse click.

You can manage more than a dozen properties:

All users (backend users) should

  • have an admin panel by default
  • be able to clean the TYPO3 general cache
  • be able to clean the TYPO3 system cache (from TYPO3 version 6.2)
  • see a pagetree with uids
  • use the extended view, displayed thumbnails and the clipboards in all forms of the module “file list” by default
  • see include static templates with place upto 40 items and enhanced width


  • Enhance the maximum limit of the image property columns (imagecols) from 7 to 12.
  • Enable the cutting of images (TYPO3 6.x only, TYPO3 7.x has this feature by default)

All pages can display

  • a reduced menu in the modul web pages: without the items Quick Edit and Page Information
  • forms for content with four headers only and a proper translation
  • the extended view and all clipboards in all forms of the module “web list” by default

The extension offers pagetree icons for the groups

  • application
  • device
  • dialog
  • emblem
  • flag
  • folder
  • game
  • jQuery
  • library
  • system
  • TYPO3

Last but not least you can add own icons.

The extension enhances the pagetree context menu with the items

  • exclude form search
  • hide in menu