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How to get feed visible on page.

Add plugin to page

Create a new content element and choose Social feed

Backend view

New content element

Configure plugin

There are plugin options you need to setup first:

  • Load type: Standard - just render as regular plugin. Ajax - load feed with ajax.
  • Presentation: Two options with what JS library to use to render feed.
  • Appearance of feed items: Card or Dynamic partial.
  • Amount of feeds on page: limit how many items to show at once
  • Load likes count: show/hide likes count
  • Choose configuration for plugin: what feed source to show


Standard loading vs Ajax

Standard loading will force page to be no-cache for browser, this is not good in case you want to have plugin on main page. Use Ajax instead, which will use cache able plugin action and load feed with no-cache request.


You should choose at least one feed source

Backend view

New content element