Target group: Administrators / Developers

  • composer req proudnerds-typo3/pn-uniform-product-names
  • include the typoscript template
  • add the new page and uniform product fields to the editor backend user groups
  • adjust typoscript settings for spatial and authority. This extension is default configured for a Dutch municipal
  • add the scheduler task to import the product names, it can be found under “Execute console commands”. The source XML is updated 4 times a year, according to You can also run this task in the console the first time to have some more log info. See Classes/Command/ImportCommand.php for howto. A log is created at /var/log/productNames-import.log
  • defaultExport behavior to include a page in the catalogi export can be set in typoscript. It’s default set on 0, meaning in the page properties a productname must either be filled in or ‘export’ needs to be set on ‘Ja’.
  • Consult the XML Template to see which fields are exported and how.
  • if you want to migrate from alternet_sc_pages, you can run the migrate script as a one time scheduler task, or better run it from console. After migrate please consult the UPL_migrate log at /public/typo3temp/pn_uniform_product_names/
  • at the page properties now is a tab with fields for Uniforme Productnamen
  • to be able to show, add a routeEnhancer mapping for 888 in /config/sites/yourwebsite/config.yaml :
Route Enhancer

More info

  • For an introduction on SC, please read Documentation/Extra/IPM-Samenwerkende-Catalogi.pdf. Details and requirements of the catalogi.xml structure, see chapter 3
  • SC XML validator