Short reference of TypoScript options for plugin.*tx_tinyaccordion (there are some more settings available):


view.templateRootPath or view.templateRootPaths

Data type



Path to the template file. Note: the templates must be in a subfolder named “Selection”!




plugin.tx_tinyaccordion {
      view {
              templateRootPaths {
                      0 = EXT:tinyaccordion/Resources/Private/Templates/
                      1 = fileadmin/Resources/tinyaccordion/templates/

If you want to change the styles: copy them from the TypoScript-file (Configuration/TypoScript/setup.txt) to your own css-file and remove the default-styles:

plugin.tx_tinyaccordion._CSS_DEFAULT_STYLE >

Note: the default JavaScript-file is included like this in the templates via a new ViewHelper:

{namespace tiny=Quizpalme\Tinyaccordion\ViewHelpers}
<tiny:addPublicResources path="EXT:tinyaccordion/Resources/Public/Scripts/packed.js"></tiny:addPublicResources>

If this doesn´t work or if you want to include another JavaScript- file, copy the JavaScript-file to your fileadmin-folder and remove the default JavaScript and include your own JavaScript via TypoScript like this:

page.includeJS.tx_tinyaccordion = fileadmin/templates/Scripts/tinyaccordion.js

There are more settings:


They are used e.g. in the News.html and Camaliga.html template.


Here you can see how you can use another HTML-file (Selection/News.html or Selection/Content.html in that folder). Changes the default template folder in the Constants:

plugin.tx_tinyaccordion.view.templateRootPath = fileadmin/template/tinyaccordion/

This second example shows you, how you can use the jQuery UI Accordion instead of the TinyAccordion. Remove the default styles:

plugin.tx_tinyaccordion._CSS_DEFAULT_STYLE >

If you want to edit the template, copy the example-file (Resources/Private/Templates/Selection/News- ui-accordion.html) to your fileadmin-folder in a folder named “Selection”, edit it and include it like this in TypoScript Setup:

plugin.tx_tinyaccordion.view.templateRootPaths.1 = fileadmin/template/files/

Note: the path to the file is then like this: fileadmin/template/files/Selection/News-ui-accordion.html

Note furthermore: you need to include jQuery UI Accordion by your own.