Restrict Access by Remote IP Address

The extension configuration of the TYPO3 Nagios® extension contains an input field that holds a comma-separated list of IP addresses and/or fully qualified hostnames of all Nagios® servers which may retrieve information about the TYPO3 instance.

Comma-separated list of IP addresses,,

Comma-separated list of fully qualified hostnames,

If the IP address or fully qualified hostname of the Nagios® server which initiates the requests to TYPO3 is not listed here, an access denied message appears (and the Nagios® server interprets this as a WARNING, CRITICAL or UNKNOWN condition, depending on its configuration):

# Nagios TYPO3 Monitoring Version 2.1.3 –
MESSAGE:access denied

Access to the output of the extension is also denied, if the input field has been left empty, or an insecure value such as *.*.*.* is used.