The following document holds information about the installation of the TYPO3 dfgviewer extension.


The current release 6.0 may be used with TYPO3 9.5 LTS or TYPO3 10.4 LTS.

The extension is based on Kitodo.Presentation (dlf). Before you can start to use the DFG Viewer (dfgviewer) in your TYPO3 installation, you have to install both extensions. The installation is only supported via Composer. Kitodo.Presentation will be installed and configured automatically.

System Requirements

You need a webserver stack with Apache2 or Ngnix, PHP >= 7.3 and MySQL / MariaDB. Debian 10 (buster) is known to work with Kitodo.Presentation 3.2 and DFG-Viewer 5.2.

We recommend at least:

  • CPU: 1

  • Memory: 2 GB

  • Disk: 20 GB

Install a fresh TYPO3 9.5 LTS

To install a fresh TYPO3 9.5 system, try the following installation procedure with composer:

# Assuming the following settings:
#   * the installation directory is /var/www/dfgviewer
#   * the Apache DocumentRoot is /var/www/dfgviewer/public
#   * Apache is running as user www-data with group www-data
#   * execution of all following commands as user www-data
cd /var/www/
# remove /var/www/dfgviewer if it already exist or make sure it's really empty by ls -la dfgviewer/
rm -r dfgviewer/
# load full TYPO3 via composer
composer create-project typo3/cms-base-distribution:^9.5 dfgviewer
# Install the TYPO3 system with the TYPO3-console
cd dfgviewer/
./vendor/bin/typo3cms install:setup

Instead of using the TYPO3-console, you can you can switch to the web-based installation of TYPO3 in your browser. Just follow the 4 steps. You need your MySQL/MariaDB credentials of course.:

# continue with installation via webbrowser
1. Step: "System environment"
2. Step: "Database connection"
3. Step: "Select database" --> Best is to create the database and user before.
4. Step: "Create admin user account"
5. Step: "Installation done!" --> Select "Do nothing, just get me to the Backend."
# Test your backend login:

The DFG-Viewer extension assumes the default language is German (&L=0). An additionial "website-language" English (&L=1) will be created automatically on installing the DFG-Viewer extension. This is only relevant for localization of the metadata and structures labels.

Install DFG-Viewer and Kitodo.Presentation via Composer

Composer commands:

# make sure you haven't set the platform php version to 7.2
composer config platform.php 7.3
# install DFG-Viewer extension
composer require slub/dfgviewer:^6.0

This will install the DFG-Viewer 6.0 extension and Kitodo.Presentation 4.0 from Packagist.

Install the Extension via extension manager or CLI:

./vendor/bin/typo3 extension:activate dlf
./vendor/bin/typo3 extension:activate dfgviewer

During the installation, three pages will be created: a root page, the "Kitodo Configuration" folder and the viewer itself.

Configure DFG-Viewer and Kitodo.Presentation

The DFG-Viewer is almost configured. Only the Page-ID-constants have to be checked and adjusted. Go to the template module and use the constant editor to fit your installation.


Now your installation should work. You can test this with the following url (replace host and id with the parameters of your installation):

To pass a document to the viewer, use the tx_dlf[id] GET parameter. Don't forget to urlencode the value.:


Known Problems

404 - Page Not Found

If you get a "404 - Page Not Found" error on calling the viewer you are missing the following configuration in typo3conf/LocalConfiguration.php:

'FE' => [
    'pageNotFoundOnCHashError' => false,

Background is the parameter you pass with tx_dlf[id] contains no cHash. The default behaviour of TYPO3 is to throw an 404 exception. As it is impossible to calculate the cHash from outside the TYPO3 system, we have to disable this security feature by the setting above.

This will cause now an uncached delivery of the viewer page.

Empty Viewer Page

You may notice from time to time, the viewer page keeps empty even though you pass the tx_dlf[id] parameter.

This happens, if someone called the viewer page without any parameters. In this case, TYPO3 saves the page to it's cache. If you call the viewer page again with any parameter and without a cHash, the (empty) cached page is delivered.

To avoid this, you must configure tx_dlf[id] to require a cHash. Of course this is impossible to achieve so the system will process the page uncached.

Add this setting to your typo3conf/LocalConfiguration.php:

'FE' => [
    'cacheHash' => [
        'requireCacheHashPresenceParameters' => [

Tip: Use the admin backend module: Settings -> Configure Installation-Wide Options

Re-Install the DFG-Viewer extension

If you want to reinstall the DFG-Viewer extension, the metadata and structure records won't be created a second time. To force this, you have to delete the entry in table 'sys_registry'.

Contact and Issues

The source-code is hosted at GitHub: slub/dfg-viewer. Please use the issue tracker to report errors or feature requests.

You may contact us by email to