TYPO3 extension just_vote

What does it do?

This extension gives you an easy and small integration of a voting system for frontend users. The voting is only for frontend users and every user can vote once per configuration.


  1. composer require spooner-web/just-vote
  2. Activate extension
  3. Create a voting configuration
  4. Add different options to your voting
  5. Integrate the voting content element on your access restricted page

Extension configuration

In the extension configuration you can define how to store the frontend user identification in the votes table.


This configuration needs to set up before any voting. If you change this setting all other votes won’t be valid any more.

There are three options:

  1. UID: The uid is stored
  2. Username: The username is stored
  3. Hashed: The hashed username is stored

Contribution and feedback

Contribution is welcome, feedback as well!