What does it do?

This extension contains a lot of code samples that are used throughout the TYPO3 Core Documentation. The goals are two-fold:

  1. provide an easy way for users to gain access to these examples for their own use.
  2. store all code examples in a central place, so that it is easier for documentation maintainers to reproduce the examples from the documentation, in particular when refreshing the screenshots.

The usage of these examples is not explained in this manual. It is explained in the relevant documentation.

Not all code examples from the Core Documentation will be moved here as it is a rather huge task. Whenever possible code samples are taken from the TYPO3 Core itself. Furthermore priority is given to those code samples that are related to screenshots.

Backend Module

The extension introduces a Backend Module with different Pages that introduce one concept each:

Page Tree Examples

Content element example

Data processor examples

RTE Configuration

Extending TCA


Some of the examples were originally created by Kasper Skårhøj.