In general every query is saved on pid = 0. This means only admin-user can create, edit or delete without using the querybuilder functionality itself in the list module.


query administration on pid = 0

Editing saved queries

Be careful while editing given queries! Wrong editing could cause the querybuilder to not filter properly.

Adapting the user, affected table or actual query itself could cause some trouble:

  • Table: Changing the affected table of a query, which is filtering a field, that does not exist in the new table, won’t work for the actual filter.
  • User: Changing the user does not directly influence the functionality, but makes the query not usable for the actual owner (which is of course annoying).
  • Rules: Last but not least changing the query rules/groups itself. In general you should not adapt the queries directly and use the given save/override implementation. If you still feel in need to change it, you should be careful and know what you are doing. Changing for example the field to a non-existent field in the table won’t work for the filter.


In general: You should only delete queries on pid = 0 and be careful, if you really have to edit them.