Installation and configuration

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Step by step

CleverReach configuration


Set the checkbox ‘Access to REST-API’ in the CleverReach user account


Use the field definitions firstname and lastname for your receiver list

TypoScript root template

Include static template (femanager_cleverreach) to your root TypoScript template

TypoScript configuration

Constant editor


Add your CleverReach account data in TypoScript constant editor


You can find the constants in EXT:femanager_cleverreach/Configuration/TypoScript/constants.typoscript

Plain Text

plugin.tx_femanager_cleverreach {
  settings {
    # cat=plugin.tx_femanager_cleverreach//0100; type=text; label= REST URL
    restUrl =
    # cat=plugin.tx_femanager_cleverreach//0200; type=int; label= Client id
    clientId =
    # cat=plugin.tx_femanager_cleverreach//0100; type=text; label= Client login name
    clientLogin =
    # cat=plugin.tx_femanager_cleverreach//0300; type=text; label= Client password
    clientPassword =
    # cat=plugin.tx_femanager_cleverreach//0400; type=int; label= Group id
    groupId =


You can find the setup in EXT:femanager_cleverreach/Configuration/TypoScript/setup.typoscript

Plain Text

plugin.tx_femanager {
  settings {
    finishers {
      # CleverReach finisher
      100 {
        class = T3premium\FemanagerCleverreach\Finisher\CleverReachFinisher
        config {
          restUrl = {$plugin.tx_femanager_cleverreach.settings.restUrl}
          clientId = {$plugin.tx_femanager_cleverreach.settings.clientId}
          clientLogin = {$plugin.tx_femanager_cleverreach.settings.clientLogin}
          clientPassword = {$plugin.tx_femanager_cleverreach.settings.clientPassword}
          groupId = {$plugin.tx_femanager_cleverreach.settings.groupId}

Femanager settings


The following fields are required for the mapping to the CleverReach receiver list

  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Email