To-Do list

Please use the extension’s bug tracker on forge to propose new features.


A change log and a roadmap are automatically generated by forge. Please follow this link to know which bugs have been fixed in which version.


Further help can be found in the wiki of the project.

There will be snippets, examples, tutorials.

If you want to share something (remember: TYPO3 inspiring people to share), please add it to the issue tracker or send it per mail to me.

The development starts at 2013-05-09.

Sponsoring & Bugfixing

Nobody is perfect and nothing is complete. Out of those 2 simple reason there is still a chance that some bugs made it into your version of addresslist4cal. If you found a bug, please check the issues page if the bug has already been reported (and maybe even already been fixed) and if this is not the case please report it there!

Everyone of the team got already a regular job, wife and plenty of hobbies. Please understand that there are weeks and months with not that much free time for TYPO3 and this extension. Chances of bugfixes and implementation of features rises with sponsoring!

Help, especially including patches, is of course always welcome!

Say thanks

The extension has been developed in paid free time which could have been spent in so many other ways too. If you like this extension, it would be awesome if you could do one (or all) of the following proposals:

  • Say thanks to the developer. You can use emails or make it public at the general TYPO3 mailing lists. Mostly you can meet the developer in person on TYPO3 events like the TYPO3camp RheinRuhr or the meetings of the TYPO3 user group RheinRuhr in the Ruhrgebiet (Germany).
  • Spread the word! If you like this extension, tell your friends, colleagues,… about it.
  • Donate! If you use this extension in your paid projects and you and your clients are happy with it, think about donating a small amount. Get in contact with me for details.

Big thanks to

Thanks to the following person as this extension wouldn’t be there without you: