Subpages don't inherit datastructure / template object

Q: In the frontend, pages will render if I select a datastructure and a template object, but if I define some DS/TO for a page's subpages, an error message appears: Couldn't find a Data Structure set for table/row XXX. Please select a Data Structure and Template Object first.

A: Make sure that you have configured the frontend plugin (templavoilaplus_pi1) correctly in your TypoScript template. The following configuration will produce the error described above:

page = PAGE
page.typeNum = 0
page.10 < plugin.tx_templavoilaplus_pi1

Instead use the following code and have a look at the configuration section of this manual:

page = PAGE
page {
    typeNum = 0
    10 = USER
    10.userFunc = Tvp\TemplaVoilaPlus\Controller\FrontendController->main_page

Q: I made “Content Elements” field, added content elements there but nothing is displayed in FrontEnd. What should I do now?

A: You should check if you have <TypoScriptObjectPath> entry in that field inside your DS record. If it exists, TemplaVoilà! Plus will not show content. This issue exists in TemplaVoilà! Plus versions up to and including 1.0 but will be fixed (removed) in future versions. Inspect DS record and remove any occurrences of <TypoScriptObjectPath> from the content element fields. Do not forget to clear cache before checking results.

Q: I made a new site but frontend is always empty!

A: You forgot to add templates from “CSS static content” extension in the template record.

Q: My template appears to be corrupted in mapping interface. Some tags loose opening brace.

A: Make sure that mbstring.func_overload is set to 0 in php.ini.

Q: My template-mapping was lost during upgrade to version 1.4.x

A: During the upgrade the database-definition for the field “tx_templavoilaplus_tmplobj.templatemapping” might have been changed to “blob”. Usually that's not a proplem but especially when your systems character-set encoding isn't correct this might have an effect. Try either to change back the fieldtype to “mediumtext” or check your system's encoding-settings.