What does it do?

This extension provides a rating plugin for every type of content in the database. Every field of every table can be defined as a so-called ‘ratingobject’ that can be used for ratings. The extension could be included as a normal content plugin to have ratings of the content page. Nevertheless the best usecase is to integrate it as a cObj in your own extension. This extension features the future oriented extensions extbase and fluid. It is expected to adopt it in a easy way to new versions of TYPO3. It is inspired by the extension ‘ratings’ from Dmitry Dulepov and the incredible tutorial about CSS star rating technique from “Komodomedia”:


  • display ratings (graphically or text)
  • support for AJAX-ratings (graphically or text)
  • one-time voting for logged in FE users
  • multiple anonymous votings
  • highly customizable look for ratings, incl. support for vertical ratings
  • different weight for each rating step
  • full localization support for ratingnames (>0.5.1)
  • includes viewhelper for FLUID templates
  • polling mode (>0.10.1)


The following screenshots may give you a short glimpse on how the extension will be visible on the screen as per default. You may adjust everthing as you like.

Example 1 - classic starrating Example 2 - barrating
Example 3 - vertical classic starrating Example 4 - current rating (text)
Example 5 - current rating (classic starrating) Example 6 - vote form
Example 7 - vertical rating Example 8 - polling mode
Example 8 - polling mode