For Editors

Adding VTT files to videos

In the filelist edit the metadata of a local video file. Add one or more vtt file and choose the appropriate track type

Add VTT file(s) to local video

Add VTT file(s) to local video

Metadata Attributes added by EXT:video_vtt

Metadata Attributes added by EXT:video_vtt

Track label A user-readable title of the text track which is used by the browser when listing available text tracks.

Track language Language of the track text data. It must be a valid BCP 47 language tag. (e.g. de, en, etc.)

Track type How the text track is meant to be used. (subtitles, captions, chapters, etc.)

Default attribute When active, adds the ‘default’ attribute to the rendered track.


Adding the default track is useful, for example if you wish to enable subtitle by default.


When adding multiple tracks, keep in mind that the default attribute should be set only for one track.

Video Controls

For YouTube, Vimeo and local videos you can set certain attributes which are added to the video tag in the frontend.

Switches in Video Metadata

Video control switches in Video Metadata


On mobile devices, videos typically need to be muted when autoplay is activated.