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After installation you should see a menu called Task Queue. Here all tasks are shown.

TaskQueue Backend

Tasks can have four different statuses:

  • Red: Task failed.

  • Yellow: Task is running.

  • Blue: Task is waiting.

  • Green: Task is finished.

A Task can be started and deleted manually.

Each task has a start date, which defines the date the task can be started. This is not respected when starting a task manually.

Message of tasks can contain log message but also exception.

Every task can have a priority.

You can not create tasks manually, because this would not make sense. A task can only be created by another extension, because you have to implement the run() method. More about that see dev-manual.


./vendor/bin/typo3cms taskqueue:run-tasks limit whitelist blacklist

Limit defines how many tasks should be executed.

Whitelist should be a comma seperated list of names. Every task name that is included in this list is executed.

Blacklist is analog the opposite.

These options exist for filtering task execution.

./vendor/bin/typo3cms taskqueue:delete-tasks dateInterval

DateInterval defines the intervall after witch the tasks should be deleted. The following syntax is supported:


Task can also be started via cronjob.

./vendor/bin/typo3cms taskqueue:run-tasks 15 "MailTask,ApiTask"

This will start 15 tasks named "MailTask" or "ApiTask"

./vendor/bin/typo3cms taskqueue:delete-tasks P3M

This will delete tasks older than 3 month.


It is possible to add this cronjob to the scheduler.

  • Simply click on the add icon and choose Execute Console Commands.