2.0.0 (2021-07-11)


  • !!! Breaking: Namespace changed from Susanne to Waldhacker
  • Upgrade PHP Coding Standard. [Susanne Moog]
  • Allow PHP 8. [Susanne Moog]
  • Add CI Workflows. [Susanne Moog]

1.1.1 (2021-07-11)


  • Version bump. [Ralf Zimmermann]
  • Make psalm happy. [Ralf Zimmermann]
  • Make psalm happy. [Ralf Zimmermann]
  • Make psalm happy. [Ralf Zimmermann]
  • Make psalm happy. [Ralf Zimmermann]
  • Fix tests. [Ralf Zimmermann]
  • Fix tests. [Ralf Zimmermann]
  • TYPO3 v11 validator compatibility. [Ralf Zimmermann]
  • Adjust readme. [Susanne Moog]
  • Define version 1.1.0. [Ralf Zimmermann]
  • Migrate TYPO3_MODE to TYPO3 constant. [Ralf Zimmermann]
  • Remove unnecessary viewhelper dependencies. [Ralf Zimmermann]
  • Remove inheritance from legacy configuration mixins. [Ralf Zimmermann]
  • Fix namespace leftovers. [Susanne Moog]
  • Disable output coloring. [Susanne Moog]
  • Add coverage output. [Susanne Moog]
  • Add stage. [Susanne Moog]
  • Add registry publishing. [Susanne Moog]
  • Change base image. [Susanne Moog]
  • CI Setup. [Susanne Moog]
    1. [Susanne Moog]
  • Beautify. [Susanne Moog]


  • Show validation error messages #1. [Ralf Zimmermann]
  • Dont show hcaptcha element on summary pages and emails. [Ralf Zimmermann]


  • Merge branch ‘develop’ into ‘main’ [Ralf Zimmermann]

    [TASK] TYPO3 v11 validator compatibility

    See merge request waldhacker/typo3/hcaptcha!2

  • Merge branch ‘develop’ into ‘main’ [Susanne Moog]


    See merge request waldhacker/typo3/hcaptcha!1

1.0.0 (2020-10-25)


  • Add .gitattributes + Changelog. [Susanne Moog]
  • Add documentation. [Susanne Moog]
  • Add support info. [Susanne Moog]
  • Use dependency graphs. [Susanne Moog]
  • Add badges. [Susanne Moog]
  • Add test setup. [Susanne Moog]
  • Introduce Psalm. [Susanne Moog]
  • Fun with CI. [Susanne Moog]
  • Start CI setup. [Susanne Moog]
  • Remove superfluous code. [Susanne Moog]


  • [RELEASE] Changelog. [Susanne Moog]
  • Update .gitlab-ci.yml. [Susi]
  • Add LICENSE. [Susi]
  • Initial commit. [Susanne Moog]