Zabbix setup

  1. Import

    Import the template typo3conf/ext/zabbix_client/Resources/Private/ZabbixTemplate/typo3.xml into your Zabbix system.

    Import template
  2. Create a host and add this template

    Add the template
    Add the template

    Important: You have to enter a DNS name / Domain / Subdomain (and set “Connect to” to DNS) or a IP address at “Agent interfaces”.

  3. Macro

    Add a macro in this host. The key is named {$TYPO3_CLIENT_KEY}. Set a long user-defined key.

    Host macro

Client setup

  1. Install the extension

  2. Extension setup

    Set a key in the extension settings

    Extension setting
  3. Finished

    Everything necessary is now done. Zabbix can now be configured further.

Further Zabbix setup

Now you can add graphs and data overviews to your dashboard

Data overview

Data overview
Edit data overview